Keto Living: 50 tasty foods you CAN eat!

One of the most effective ways to ensure your keto diet runs smoothly, is to build yourself a list of all your favourite keto-friendly foods. Instead of spending so much time thinking about what your diet restricts you from eating - remember your favourite foods that you CAN eat. Here’s a list of our favourite...

Green Beans - a versatile quick snack or small side dish  

Almonds - a handy source of energy 

Tuna - a great food to centre a salad around!

Eggs - the easy go-to breakfast of champions 

Cheese! - of course cheese is an integral element to cooking keto 

Ginger - don’t forget your herbs which will keep you healthy in so many ways

Spinach - great for building your favourite salad

Turmeric - incredibly well-rounded & full-bodied tast

Chicken Breast - an easy meat that can be prepared in so many different ways

Zucchini - a super easy, filling vegetable! 

Ground Beef - try as a bunless burger or lo-carb tacos!

 Avocado - a superfood that is so healthy and delicious

Bok Choy - an incredible, sometimes over-looked vegetable 

Cottage Cheese - perhaps a slight departure from your usual cheese dishes 

Watercress - delicious & nostalgic 

Mushrooms - a staple food in every household 

Broccoli - the humble broccoli can truly make a meal

Bacon - an awesome way to forget you’re dieting

Kale - spruces up any salad or smoothie

Greek Yoghurt - take care to find a decent low-carb brand

Cabbage - a powerful protector against oxidative stress

Sprouts - full of incredible superpowers

Sweet Basil - the perfect addition to a keto-friendly pizza

Cauliflower - a criminally under-utilized vegetable 

Steak - a hearty meal for when you really need it 

Macadamia Nuts - another tasty nut to fuel your energy

Pumpkin Seeds - full of healthy fats and antioxidants

Berries - perfect snacks or staple addition to a tasty smoothie

Salmon - a delicious and powerful snack or meal staple

Scallops - another favourite seafood dish

Pork - a versatile meat that you can really work with 

Mayonaise - a way to fill out a keto-friendly sandwich 

Tomatoes - the humble vegetable that we all know and love

Onions - another important vege integral to so many dishes

Unsweetened Coffee  - for that extra perk-up to tackle the day 

Mussels - that uncontested taste of the ocean

Lobster - on the days you want to embrace a little luxury

Lamb - especially here in NZ, renowned for tasty meat

Eggplant - easy, versatile and integral to a keto diet

Olive Oil - a great way to fancy up a salad 

Butter - to cook with or add to fatten up your dish

Heavy Cream - fancy a dessert?

Spices! - don’t forget the spice, to really complete your meal

Snapper - for that nostalgic NZ fish n chip shop taste

Ham - particularly good when shared!

Sour Cream - the perfect addition to your snack when paired well

Lettuce - also convenient to grow yourself

Cucumber - perfect as its own snack, or in addition to a salad

Nut Butters - keep an eye out for unsweetened natural varieties

Asparagus - cook with butter and savour the taste


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