How to Keep Keto Living Simple

When you get settled into your Keto journey, many come to realise it gets easier and that it wasn’t as difficult as first assumed.

There are always some hurdles that will still catch you off guard. Instead of over-complicating your keto lifestyle, keep it simple! Here we’ve compiled some of the best tips we’ve received, all about how to keep Keto living simple.


1) Know Your Restrictions

This first one may seem a little obvious, but it is the key part of staying on track. Remember low-carbs & high fat like it is a mantra, and work that into your day. The more you get used to what you can & can’t eat, the easier it will become over all.


2) Plan

Give yourself a little bit of time at the start of the week to write down some meal ideas with your shopping list. Preparing yourself for your week ahead will help the rest of it run smoothly. Give yourself some treats and excitement to look forward to in your plan as well.


3) Have a reason beyond weight loss

There are plenty of reasons beyond weight loss that the keto lifestyle can work for you. Do some research into its other health benefits, and zone into what is most important for you. Giving yourself a more well-rounded reason for keeping a strict diet will keep you more free from self-blame/guilt, and keep you on track to a healthier future. It also helps to know you are helping yourself in ways that you can’t see or as easily measure. 


4) Make friends

Try to find a support group of other people, who are either on their keto journey OR focussing on another lifestyle change. Having people to support you and keep you accountable will help you in so many ways!


5) Fall in love

Fall in love with a specific Keto meal to cook and keep trying your best to perfect it! Or find a place with a delicious keto dish that you can have an exciting kind of safety to return to. Whatever it is, keep finding new passions within your new journey, that will continue to nurture the flame within you.

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