Gluten Free Baking Tips

Baking is always great fun, and gluten free baking is no different - dedicate some time to making you and your family some delicious gluten free treats to enjoy together. If you’re new to baking gluten free, it can take a bit of time to get used to (most recipes are often anchored by flour), so we’ve pulled together some great tips to help you out in the kitchen.


  1. Sometimes smaller is better -

Gluten free baking often loses a fair bit of it’s stick, sometimes making it quite crumbly and prone to falling apart. A good remedy is making smaller portions. Treats like friands and cookies are easy to make in sizes that are not only functional, but super cute!


  1. Get to know gluten free flour-

With the rising popularity of gluten free diets, there are many companies out there who are dedicated to making good products to help out in the kitchen. There are lots of new gluten free flours out there for you to get familiar with e.g. Almond flour, buckwheat flour, sorghum flour, amaranth flour and more. 


  1. It doesn’t need to be perfect - 

Don’t be too hard on yourself - especially while you’re learning. Going gluten free is a big journey and you’ll get more comfortable with it the longer you do it. Have fun experimenting and of course, munching away at your treats!


  1. Start with the classics and find recipes 

Instead of starting with old recipes and trying to replace ingredients with gluten free alternatives, try working on recipes that are already specifically gluten-free. This will help you get to know the ingredients you’ll be working with in the times to come. There is a huge collection of recipes and ideas for you to try out there - so get searching and get baking. Here’s an example of a no-flour chocolate cake - a personal favourite of ours:

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