Gluten Free Snack Hacks

A gluten free diet can have life-changing effects, but sometimes it can make it hard to keep simple luxuries like a tasty snack - however, with a little bit of planning and some creativity, you can easily make a delicious pick-me-up treat that is kind to you and your diet. You don’t just have to rely on packaged foods for your lunchbox snacks! Here are some gluten free snack hacks to inspire you to get creative in your kitchen!

1) Mini Sandwiches

Mini Sandwiches are so simple that they can be whipped up as you feel or prepared in advance. Especially delicious with any of our delicious Bakeworks breads, fill up with some of your favourite fillings. Keep some pre-made gluten-free hummus in your fridge to use as a base with cucumbers, or tomatoes for an easy lunchbox filler. Hummus will alway come in handy for a gluten-free snack.


2) Not your usual Pizza 

Of course, our pizza bases are a great and easy way to make a quick snack - but if you’re feeling like something a little more bite-sized and different or something to pair alongside your usual, try using veggies in place of a crust! An easy way to start is a courgette based tiny pizza. Cut your courgette into thick round slices and brush each side with olive oil. Place them in the oven on a lined baking sheet and cook each side until they start to brown (usually just about 2 minutes). Next spread your favourite pasta sauce on top and add some shredded cheese & cook again till it melts. 

3) Fruit Bites

Finely chop dried apricots (50g), soft dried dates (100g) and dried cherries (50g) or put them through a food processor. Tip them in a bowl and with your hands, work a couple of tsp coconut oil into them. Shape into small balls and then roll them in sesame seeds. It’s as easy as that! Store them until you need a snack & experiment with alternative fruits to find some new magic combinations.

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