How to Transition to a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Transitioning into a Gluten Free lifestyle can be a happy change into a health focused life that will revitalise and invigorate your life with a new perspective on looking after your body and mind - but it isn’t always easy. Usually the most difficult aspect of the transition is the very beginning of the journey - so we’ve gathered together some tips that will help you as you begin your Gluten Free journey. 


  1. Learn what you love

You will have to learn what you can and can’t eat in a gluten free diet if you are going to begin one. Get familiar with the most common foods that contain gluten and avoid them in supermarket isles and at restaurants. Instead of grieving those foods though, try and find new favourites! Find a few dietary staples that you love and let yourself enjoy them. 


  1. Read Labels and ask questions

Some information is pushed to the back corners of labels and/or may not be on the menu. Get comfortable with asking food places whether certain things contain gluten. Getting familiar with what to look out for will make your transition into a gluten free lifestyle easy as.


  1. Get familiar beyond your home

One of the things people who are going gluten free often struggle with most is going out for food. Take the time to search and seek out some new favourite places and products that warm your heart. Enjoy the adventure of discovering new places/products to eat and share them with your family and friends. Having them alongside you on your journey can really help consolidate the transition. Also, try and meet a ‘veteran’ in the gluten free sphere for some tips of where to go and what to cook.


  1. Be kind to yourself

Find the love in cooking new foods and give yourself the time to fully prepare something nourishing and loving for yourself. What we eat is what fuels us, so try not to be stressed around the changes to your diet. If you slip up every now and again, it’s not the end of the world, especially if you aren’t celiac. Have patience with yourself and remember why you decided to make the change.



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