Best Snack Ideas For Your Keto Diet

A keto diet shouldn’t stop you from being able to fulfil your snack cravings. Here are some of our Keto snack ideas to keep you full and comfortable in your positive energies!  


Veges & Dip

Simple, easy and ready in seconds! Just cut up your favourite low carb veggies (above ground grown are usually lower in carbs) and pair with cream cheese, sour cream or your favourite high carb dip. This is a great snacking alternative when you’re relaxing or just need a little pick me up. It’s easy to cut them up early so you’re ready to just grab them when you need to.


Avocado Chips

Mash an avocado into a bowl until smooth, then stir in lemon juice, parmesan, garlic powder, italian seasoning and some salt & pepper. Scoop in teaspoon sized portions onto a baking sheet and then flatten them. Cook in the oven until crisp & golden (about 30mins). Now just let them cool and then they’re all good to go! 



A firm family favourite, pizza is an easy snack or full meal. With our Keto friendly pizza bases, all you need is your favourite kept-friendly toppings and a hungry belly. Using a sun-dried tomato pesto as your base is a nice way to change up the flavour - just make sure there is no added sugar.


Keto Home-made Ice Cream

Who says you can’t have nice things on a Keto diet? This one takes a little more prep, but then you can just keep it in your freezer for you’re most ready. Chill 2 cans of coconut milk in the fridge overnight. Then spoon coconut cream into a bowl, leaving the liquid in the can. Beat the coconut cream until it’s super creamy with a hand mixer. In another large bowl, make whipped cream by beating 2 cans of heavy cream until it softens. Beat into it 1/4 cup of sweeter and a tsp of pure vanilla extract. Fold the whipped coconut into the whipped cream and then transfer your mixture into a pan. Freeze for about 5 hours (or until solid). 

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