Into Keto? Check out these Top Apps!

Many of us find ways to use our phones and other technologies to make our lives smoother and easier. The old adage “there’s an app for that” still rings true. A key aspect of our lives is diet - so why not use technology to help in that facet of your life as well? Here, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite apps to help you track your keto diet and implement it into your daily life.


Nutrita - One of the smoothest and best known dietary apps, Nutrita is goal-oriented to help you reach your own personal nutrition goals - whether that be grounded in losing fat, gaining muscle, controlling your blood sugar, or just eating a more balanced diet. It’s friendly interface, beautiful recipes and the various ways of personalisation make this one of the best dietary apps available today.


Total Keto Diet - Unlike other apps, Total Keto Diet is specially focussed on the keto diet and so it is able to really hone in on some more specific lifestyle elements. It provides shopping lists, customised meal plans, vast recipe ideas, diet trackers and an awesome, easy to use Keto Calculator. Plus it’s entirely free! 


Carb Manager - Carb manager is a keto focussed up, with a very beautiful and easy to use interface, that uses simple charts to help you reach your goals. It also syncs with your fitbit and other apps to give you a more well-rounded approach to understanding your health. It is a little pricey, but if you are willing to deeply commit to your keto lifestyle, then it is definitely worth it.  


My Fitness Pal - My Fitness Pal is a veteran in the world of health and fitness apps, having amassed a keen following for a number of years. Over that time the app has streamlined and widened its functionalities, making it one of the most popular nutrition trackers out there. It isn’t specific to a keto diet, but it's super compatible with all things keto - while also allowing you to track your workout goals in the same place. There’s a free and premium version for you to try out.
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