Sprouting Seeds - Why Sprout?

We love sprouting seeds to use in our sprouted seeds bread range. There are so many nutritional benefits with sprouting seeds that we are proud to integrate into our products. We thought we’d outline some of the best reasons to sprout seeds, so you can better understand why we choose to & why you might like to as well. 


Within a seed is a whole treasure trove of nutrition & health benefits, but there are also some anti-nutrients that keep them inaccessible without the sprouting process. This includes phytic acid, which binds with calcium, iron, magnesium, copper & zinc, making it really difficult (& in many cases, impossible) for our bodies to absorb these nutrients. But, through the dormant seed’s germination process, as it starts to become a live plant, the anti-nutrients fall away to make room for all the nutritional goodness to emerge. Within the seed is the virtue of the entire plant. The phytic acid is neutralised effectively, bringing out more good nutrients & making it much easier to digest. It can also neutralize enzyme inhibitors which can negatively affect your body’s own precious enzymes.


The digestion benefits are also particularly huge - helping to break down more complex carbs and diminish some of the fat content, to make it much easier for your body to process and digest. Sprouting also helps break down the sugars responsible for intestinal gas, further assisting with digestion.


Beyond all this, there are certain vitamins that are activated in the sprouting process. These vary based on the seed, but the common vitamin additions are Vitamin C & Vitamin B.


These are only the more *digestible* of the benefits of sprouting seeds - there are so many more to learn about too. These nutritional impacts of sprouting are why we love integrating the seed germination process into some of our products - and you can even give it a go from your own kitchen bench. 

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