Keto Comfort Food with Home St.

Sometimes if you haven’t experienced the keto diet before, you will find that some of your most comforting foods, fall short of the ‘what you can eat list’, however, Home St aims to bring you, keto comfort food that is so good, you’ll forget you’re even dieting. 

In sweatpants weather, nothing is better than curling up with pizza - and Home St brings you that opportunity with keto friendly pizza bases, that let you build a pizza with all of your favourite toppings. A key to a keto diet, is to make comfort out of your food - to come to associate your diet with the best things you can eat, not all the things you can’t.

And how comforting is the smell of delicious bread in the morning? The Home St Keto Friendly range of bread, is perfect for your breakfast, carrying comfort through to its very essence. Have it with eggs for an easy and energizing start to your day.

The Home St keto breads, like the sprouted sunflower loaf, are also perfect as a  sandwich - easy to comfortably whip up for work or home, and enjoy the comfort of good health wherever you may be.

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