Love a Good Toastie? So do we!

Check out our top fuss-free toasted sandwiches for any time of the day. From breakfast to midnight snacks we’ve got a list to keep you going through the ultimate comfort season – Winter.

Our top ten list is anything but boring, and the best thing about toasties is there are NO RULES! 

Just grab two slices of your favourite bread (hopefully a Home St. or Bakeworks product) and fill it with whatever takes your fancy! Before you pop it in to get toasted, spread a generous amount of butter on; it’ll crisp up perfectly and support your body in the state of ketosis, (if that’s your thing). 

Just 2 slices of Home St. bread gives you oodles of nutritional goodness including 20% of your daily fibre needs, 16% of your daily Vitamin B6 needs, 9% of your daily Vitamin B1 needs, 8% of your daily iron needs, 11% of your daily Magnesium needs, 10% of your daily Manganese needs, 6% of your daily potassium needs, 5.5% of your daily sodium needs. 

With this in mind, your toastie fillings can be oozing guilt-free.

Now let’s get toasting. . .

1 A quick and easy way to use up last night’s roast dinner leftovers! We used roasted capsicum, eggplant and chicken breast with feta and pesto.

2 Breakfast or dessert!? sweet toasties are here to stay. Dark chocolate and sliced banana. Optional to include your favourite nut butter or a side of cream.

3 Who said toasties can’t be fancy? Smoked salmon, cream cheese, pine nuts and dill. Want a loaded toastie? Add asparagus, red onion, spinach or capers too. 

4 The classic champagne ham, wholegrain mustard, sprouts and swiss cheese is perfectly paired with our Home St Good Gut Sourdough.

5 Now this one could be paired with mulled wine as a perfect winter warmer.

Softened apple, cinnamon and your favourite nut butter!

6 Simplicity at its best – fresh tomato, basil, caramelised onion and goat cheese.

7 Roast beef, pickles, thousand island dressing and cheese.

8 Cut the cravings with this sweet treat. Sliced strawberries and cream cheese (keto friendly).

9 Mushrooms, bacon, blue cheese, red onions and any sweet chutney you have on hand. Top with mozzarella if you’re a cheese lover like me, and exclude the bacon for a veggie version.

10 Smoked chicken, camembert, fresh rocket & cranberry sauce.

If you have a family favourite in your whare be sure to share the delicious details with us.  


** Recipes are best with Home St. or Bakeworks products. Yes, we may be biased. . .

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