Why we sprout and activate our seeds..

Bakeworks creates high quality products, working from the very start of the process to you purchasing it. That means that we can ensure that the product you’re consuming, has been made ethically, with care and to a high-standard. Why? Because you are important to us.

So where exactly does the whole process start? Right from the seed!

The first day of our products life-cycle, sees us soaking the seeds and carefully preparing it for its germination over the next couple of days.  As we start to sprout the seed, it uses its carbohydrate store as energy to grow a strong plant. This breaks down the structure of the carbohydrate,  resulting in a less complex, easily digestible final result.

On the second day, we drain the seed and position it in a manner suitable for sprouting.

Then on the third day, the true beauty begins. Life fills the seed and it sprouts. At this point, you can feel an immense amount of heat coming out of the sprouting buckets. This is the seed generating all of its energy to grow into a plant and it is quite an amazing thing to witness.

As the fourth day swings around, the seeds are dehydrated at very low temperature levels and weighed.  This makes sure that all the important nutrients remain strong and are locked in, within the seeds.

The penultimate fifth day, sees us prepare to complete the process. The seeds are rehydrated by being soaked overnight.

Then comes the sixth day when all of our careful planning and hard works comes together. We grind the seed mix into a specific size that helps to further absorb nutrients and finally bake!

sprouted seeds home st bakeworks

Although this process takes a significant amount of time and care, we believe that the final product is all worth it. Highly nutrient, easily digestible, quality products that we are proud to present for your pleasure.

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