What makes our Home St. bread healthy

Where other brands may focus on keeping their costs and effort as minimal as possible, we see the value in making sure our bread products are up to a high standard. Although this often means more hard work, the results are undeniably worth it. Just take a look at some of the statistics.

Just 2 Slices of Home.St Bread give you 20% of your daily fibre. Fibre is an essential part of a well-rounded, healthy diet. It can be of huge assistance in preventing diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and is often associated with high digestive health. Because eating foods high in fibre will make you feel fuller for longer, it can also help you to eat less and loose wight.

Our Breads have sodium levels of 200mg/100. This is about half of what most breads contain which is usually around 400mg/100. Lowered sodium levels are of importance in minimising risk of hypertension and stroke. It is particularly important for people looking to lower their blood pressure.

We work to actively lower the sugar levels in our products. Home.St’s bread and bun products use rice malt and coconut nectar as its sugar source and only the amount needed to feed the fresh yeast for growth. It is no surprise that lowered sugar levels help to reduce risk of a huge amount of disease and illness, as well as supporting brain development. We all know the many dangers of high sugar intakes and so Home.St does its best to help you out.

We are big believers in making food that is healthy, delicious and affordable. So, that’s what we do. We are recognised as one of the best in the business by many experts and customers, including My Food Bag, who uses us in their Gluten Free option. If you want to move toward a healthier diet, but aren’t willing to compromise on taste, look for the Home.St packaging - you wont look back.

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