Introducing Home St.

Introducing our latest & healthiest creation ever!

Developed with your complete nutrition in mind, Home St. offers so much more than just something to hold your favourite sandwich fillings!  

Home St. is all about going back to the beginning..  reminiscing about our childhoods, the values we were taught and have learnt along the way...  Owners Kirsten and Dave first met at Home St. so this seemed a perfectly fitting name for our new bread range.  Dave spent six months developing Home St, ensuring nutritional value was at the forefront, without compromising on softness or flavour!  
The Home St. Range consists of:
  • Sprouted Good Seed Bread
  • Sprouted Good Seed Buns 4 pack
  • Sprouted Good Seed Pizza Bases 2 pack
  • Sprouted Sunflower Paleo Bread
  • Almond, Tumeric & Cricket Paleo Bread
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Just  2  slices of Home St. bread gives you all this goodness!
  • 20% of your daily fibre needs. We all need fibre and we all know why!
  • 16% of your daily Vitamin B6 needs which helps maintain healthy brain function along with digesting proteins into our system.
  •  9% of your daily Vitamin B1 needs. Helps maintain cardiovascular health. Important for energy production – converts sugars into energy.. yeah!
  •  8% of your daily iron needs. Vital for muscle health. Iron also helps boost and carry  oxygen levels in the blood, important for brain health and energy levels… go Iron!
  • 11%  of your daily Magnesium needs.  Key role in regulating blood pressure, for every 100mg of magnesium taken (6 slices of Home St. bread!) on a daily basis, equals a 15% decrease in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes!.. Amazing.
  • 10% of your daily Manganese needs. Huh?,  what's that?  Well manganese is very important for aiding calcium absorption as well as being very effective in helping boost the mineral levels in your bones … who knew!
  • 6% of your daily potassium needs. Essential macro-nutrient which helps promote conductivity in the brain.  That’s why bananas are called brain food, due to their high potassium levels.
  • 5.5% of your daily sodium needs. Great lower level of sodium at 200mg/100g!  Just to note, some gluten free breads are as high as 420mg/100g..
* Nutrient information just a basic summary of some benefits . We recommend you look into  these vitamins and minerals yourself to discover even more goodness. 


Sprouted Good Seed Bread

Our Sprouted Good Seed Bread recently received Highly Commended at the recentNZ Food Awards.  It's also a finalist for the Farro Fresh Awards!  This bread is hands down something special!   
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Sprouted Good Seed Pizza Bases

The perfect base to create your very own fresh pizza!  Outstanding taste and they go lovely and crispy.  Keep in the fridge and freezer to pull out anytime you're stuck for a meal idea or impromptu gathering with friends and family.
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Next up.. Christmas gluten free range!

Proudly bought to you by the clever Bakeworks team

  Since 2001, making it gluten free.. plus a whole lot of other stuff free too
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