The Downlow on our Keto Products

All around the world, people are learning about the transformative results of the Keto diet - a low carbohydrate, high fat diet, that is recommended by many doctors for weight loss and to nourish a healthier lifestyle. The diet puts your body in ketosis, which is a metabolic state that burns fat as an energy source. As with most dietary changes, it can be quite difficult to change your eating habits - especially when foods that you have loved can no longer be on your shopping list. Fortunately, Bakeworks is making wholesome and delicious foods to keep you happier and healthier by introducing Aoeteroa to our Home St Keto products!

Keto Products

Our Home St Keto protein buns are among our favourites, packed with protein and fibre so you can keep making your favourite burgers and breakfasts without the added fat or sugar present in other options. With only 1.0g net carbs, our Keto buns are perfect for anyone interested in nurturing their sustainable lifestyle. 


Also in our range, are our Keto Pizza bases, made with coconut flour and ground almonds for delicious home made pizzas! With great flavour and the health benefits to match, these will fit so comfortably into your next shopping list and dining table - perfect for whipping up a family favourite meal with all of your preferred variations and toppings. 


Bakeworks, of course, is best known for creating some of the country’s most delicious breads and now we have a Keto bread to introduce to you too! Start your morning with the smell of hot toast, make your favourite sandwich, or get creative with our flavourful Keto loaf. The nutritious blend of Keto friendly ingredients don’t just taste great - they will make you feel great too! 

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