Keto for Beginners

The Keto diet has been growing more and more popular lately, with all kinds of people from all over the world finally falling in love with a diet that works for them. If you’re new to the idea of Keto, it can be hard to find where to begin - so we’ve gathered the key information you’ll need to voyage into the wonderful world of Keto. 


A keto (or ketogenic diet) is a low carbohydrate, medium protein & high fat diet, that can lead to a healthier body and lifestyle. Many doctors recommend it for people who want to lose excess body fat and for improving type 2 diabetes. Some studies even show that it has benefits against epilepsy, cancer, acne, heart disease, alzheimers and more. 


By reducing your carb intake, your body is placed in a state of ‘ketosis’, where instead of using carbs and glucose, your body burns fat as a source of energy. In this process, it lowers blood sugar and insulin levels, shifting the body’s metabolism to focus on fat and ketones for fuel.    


As with any shift in diet, you should be careful to track and recognise how your body and mind feel in your new dietary situation. There are a number of different forms of keto, so try them out to find which one works best for you. The best studied and ideal ones for people just beginning the kept lifestyle, is a standard keto diet and a cyclical keto diet, which are as follows: 

Standard keto diet (SKD): low carb, moderate-protein and high-fat diet, typically containing about 75% fat, 20% protein & 5% carbs.


Cyclical keto diet (CKD): periodic high-carb re-feeds i.e. 5 ketogenic days followed by 2 high-carb days.

The key to the diet is to base the majority of your diet around meat, fish, butter, nuts, eggs, avocados, healthy oils and lots of low carb vegetables, and to avoid food with high carbs - like grains, sugars, rice, potatoes, candy and most fruits.

This can seem pretty daunting at first, but Bakeworks is here to help, with delicious Home St products and meal ideas to keep your tastebuds satisfied and your body healthy! Look through our site to see just how easy it could be to make the change you’ve been wanting to make toward a healthier and happier life. 

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