How to go Gluten Free.

There are many reasons why you should consider going gluten free - as a diet and a lifestyle it’s been known to help with combating constant fatigue, digestive issues, migraines, poor skin, depression and of course gluten sensitivities/disorders such as coeliac disease. It also is a great way to loose weight and generally work toward a more healthy lifestyle.

 The first step to going gluten free is to clean out your kitchen -  if possible, take everything you can no longer eat to a local food pantry. Things like breads, cookies, pastas, canned soups will all have to go. This cleanse is especially important if you are coeliac or severely affected by glulten. Such a transition may be difficult, especially is food is a big part of your life. Don’t think it odd to seek support and assistance from somebody who cares about you.

The next is to purchase some new delicious newness for your kitchen. Fresh meat (unseasoned) and vegetables, fruit, eggs and anything that says GLUTEN FREE in big letters will be perfect. Keep an eye out for our Bakeworks products too! Here’s where you’ll have to start keeping a keen eye on food labels.

You may also wish to remove gluten from other areas of your home - particularly your bathroom. If you feel the need to remove gluten not only from your diet, but from your whole lifestyle, check your toothpastes, shampoos, make up and medications - even your art supplies!

Congratulations! Your Gluten free journey is beginning! Of course there will be challenges and mistakes, but with rest, patience and smart planning, you’ll be feeling healthy and rejuvenated by your new lifestyle!

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