Gluten Free Party! (Snack and party food ideas)

Whether you’re entertaining children, yourself or just looking for an excuse to enjoy some festivities, here are some snack and party food ideas - all gluten free, of course! Use them as inspiration to unlock your inner entertainer and let us know how you get on! Remember to always double check nutritional information, to ensure selected ingredients/brands are gluten free.

Bakeworks Cookies and Muffins: Make it easy on yourself and purchase some hand-crafted, sweet products that everybody can fall in love with. Children, adults - even the gluten eaters will love them.

Fairy Bread: The classic Kiwi addition to any child’s party! Just grab some Bakeworks bread and cover in 100s and 1000s! Kids love the colours and it’s an easy alternative to the typically gluten heavy treat.

Kumara Wedges: Oven bake Kumara with cumin, chilli and sumac for some delicious wedges that go great with some extra sauce or dip. It’s an easy addition to any table set up, either as finger food or a side.

Apple Crisps: This easy to make snack could become a household favourite quickly. Simply cut an apple into thin slices and bake. Cool them back down and it’s all done - a fruity snack made simply.  

Simple Sandwiches: Make a range of standard sized and bite sized sandwiches, using Home St bread. Serve deconstructed with a range of fillers, dips and oils for a versatile snack that your guests can take ownership over.

Pizza Slices: Using the Home St pizza bases, whip together a pizza with all of your favourite toppings. It’s the best way to quickly prepare for a group with ease. Serve in slices, to make a little go a long way.

Fruit Kebabs: Press skewers through cut-up fruit pieces to create the ultimate party addition. The most customizable of all party dishes, the party kebab can be anything you can dream it to be. It’s an easy way to use up any extra fruit/lollies it’s a favourite among both kids and adult.

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