Best Kid Friendly Gluten Free Snacks

Beginning the Gluten Free journey can be difficult for many bodies, but it is the youngest of us who may struggle the most with dietary changes. Kids who have had to forego many aspects of their diet can struggle to find grounding in going gluten free, but fortunately, there are some delicious and homely Gluten free snacks that they will love. These are perfect for both those who are transitioning into a fully gluten free diet for health reasons, and those who just need some alternative healthier options. Bakeworks is dedicated to creating the best healthy and delicious gluten free snacks to help keep your kitchens and kids tummy healthy!


Cookies are a firm family favourite and a staple of a kind home. Perfect for parties, play dates, lunch boxes or just a standard snack, there is something so comforting about a cookie! Bakeworks gluten free cookies are handcrafted with only natural products so you know that what fuels your children’s bodies are filled with love. A favourite is the classic chocolate chip, which is loved by adults and children alike. 


Our Pizza bases are another family favourite - delicious and versatile. You can whip up a pizza with all your favourite toppings for a whole meal or just a snack with some saved for later. Pizza is always an entertainers choice as it’s easily shared and loved. You can also try being a little more experimental with your toppings - even making a garlic or herb based bread to be dipped. Let your kids design their own pizza for a fun and edible artistic experience.

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