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Gluten Free Products Auckland, NZ


Are your products soy/egg/dairy/nut free? Many of our products are free of some or all of these ingredients. For reference of specific products please refer to the nutritional information on our website and on the item packaging. Products are, however, produced in a bakery that handles dairy, egg and nut products, but strict clean down procedures and segregated equipment are used to minimise cross-contamination. Some products may contain traces of sesame.


Is your range Vegan? The Bakeworks bread, breadcrumbs and Home St. Pizza Bases are vegan. The Home St. breads and buns are not. For more specific nutritional information please reference item packaging or the website pages of the products.


Should I eat Gluten-Free? A gluten-free diet is essential for people diagnosed with Celiac Disease and intolerances, but many other people also see benefits in removing gluten from their diet. Lowering gluten intake can have positive effects on your digestive system, brain activity, energy levels and weight. Eating gluten-free is considered to be a much healthier diet by many people and professionals worldwide.


Is your whole range Gluten Free? Yes, all of our products are produced in a completely gluten-free bakery. We are committed to only making gluten-free and allergy friendly foods.


What is sprouting and why do you do it? Sprouting is the process of seed germination that we undergo when making our products. It spans across 6 days before the seeds are ready to bake. We do this to ensure the best nutrients are accessed to create a more digestible, healthy and tasty product. For more information about this, see our blog ON ‘Why We Sprout’.


Do you deliver to Rural Addresses? Unfortunately, we are currently unable to deliver to rural addresses.


Do you deliver to PO Boxes? No, we are unfortunately unable to deliver to PO Boxes.


Are you only available in NZ? Yes, we are proud to be a local company operating in all corners of New Zealand.


Which stores stock your products? Our products can be found throughout New Zealand (as well as in our online store). For specific stockist, refer to the Store Locator here.

Where can I find out more about Bakeworks? Follow us on any of the major social-media channels - we have frequent updates about everything that we are up to and would love to see you there!


How can I get in contact with you? You can call us on 0800 225 395 or send a message to us via the Contact Us page.

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