Keeping your kitchen Gluten Free.

It can be difficult maintaining an entirely gluten-free diet, even in your own home. But if you have coeliac disease, even a slight presence of gluten can cause cross-contamination and have disastrous effects. Here are some tips that we’ve discovered to help keep your kitchen gluten free, without all that usual stress.

Gluten free cooking

  1. Labeling

Investing in a label maker (or even improvising with post-it notes or tape) is a simple action that works extremely well. Label all your gluten-free products and storage containers appropriately so everyone that uses your kitchen knows not to use any kitchen utensils that could contain any traces of gluten.


  1. Double up

Buy an extra toaster, chopping board and any other utility you may think necessary, to use only gluten-free products in. This helps ensure that no stray crumbs will make there way into your strict diet and also clarify to other kitchen users the extent of your commitment.

  1. Get rid of wood

Wooden kitchen utensils are porous, meaning they harbour gluten much easier than metal and plastic alternatives. Gluten can never fully be cleaned away from wooden utensils so making the switch is a very important step to keeping your kitchen gluten free.

  1. Wipe down your surfaces

Get into the habit of wiping down surfaces before AND after you prepare any food. This is going to ensure no gluten is present anywhere around, while also ritualising meal preparation to keep cooking fun and important.

  1. Clean your oven!

Most  people don’t clean their ovens, which can have high gluten levels present in crumbs and food residue. Spend some time cleaning it, so you can be confident in using your oven without any fear of cross-contamination.

Let us know how you go and tell us if you’ve got any other tips we might have missed!

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