Top Gluten Free Bloggers to Follow!

With gluten-free diets growing increasingly popular around the world, it is no surprise that a number of bloggers are emerging, depicting their healthy lifestyle. Outlining their struggles, recipes, experiences and advice, their blogs are a great source of information as you go about eating and living gluten-free. Here’s a compiled list of the Top Gluten Free Blogs at the moment, to inspire and assist your journey.
The Gluten-Free Girlfriends
Based in New York, the gluten-free girlfriends approach their gluten-free lifestyle with fun and positivity. Blogging about local restaurants with reviews and photography, there is a lot to be learnt across this website. If you love exploring cities and eating delicious food, you’ll love The Gluten-Free Girlfriends and the community they’ve created. Check it out here.
Celiac and the Beast
With reviews of products, restaurants and events, Celiac and the Beast is a blog that provides only honest opinions. With information of upcoming events and a sprinkle of giveaways, this blog situates itself as one of the best around. There are even a few items up for sale, including clothing, stickers and books, so you can get some online shopping done too! Check it out here.
Blinded By The Bite
One of the most respected voices of the gluten-free community, Rachelle King’s blog is packed with city guides, recipes and content that outlines her healthy lifestyle. Blinded By The Bite has developed a strong international following and when browsing the site, it is easy to see why - it’s clean, engaging and full of quality information. Check it out here.
The Gluten Free Awards
Although it doesn’t function as a traditional blog-style website, it hosts the annual Gluten Free Awards to help the allergic and intolerant community know the best options available to them. With a buyer’s guide available and an established following, The Gluten Free Awards has a very influential voice that deserves to be acknowledged. Check it out here.
Allergic Girl
With the words ‘just because you have a restricted diet, doesn't mean you have a restricted life’ spread across the top of the home page, it’s easy to recognize what Allergic Girl’s blog is all about - an interesting look at how to maintain a fun-filled life in spite of dietary constraints. With recipes, tips and consistent coaching, Allergic Girl is an accessible and entertaining blog for anyone in the allergic community. Check it out here.
Gluten Dude
After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2007, Gluten Dude has a mass of information and tips about living a gluten-free lifestyle. A lot of his content focuses on making the transition into the new diet, but also has an amount of rants, humour and stories - this blog is always fun and charming. Check it out here.  
Gluten-Free Globetrotter
Blogger, Erin Smith, encourages readers with celiac disease to explore the world! Mixing food with travel, this is a blog that everyone should read. A passionate and well-respected voice within the gluten-free/celiac community, Smith has a wealth of knowledge and she presents it with charm. Check it out here.
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  • What a great list of gluten free bloggers!!

    Carrie Veatch

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